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How We Help

MarTecha offers a 90-Day Sprint to help you get the most out of your marketing automation investment. We leave you with a clean database, repeatable processes, reports and dashboard set up, and a well-trained marketing team so you can start creating top-notch demand generation campaigns. 

A Typical 90-Day Sprint Looks Like:

Month 1

Audit your tech stack

A deep-dive analysis and scoresheet of where you are now with your marketing automation.


A comprehensive plan of where we can optimize your processes and what KPIs we can achieve within 90 days.

Month 2

Contact Data Hygiene & Governance

Current-state lists will be analyzed for data accuracy, consistency and completion. Recommendations will also be provided where the team can better optimize current data or legally acquire new leads, as necessary. Data governance strategy will be prepared for recommendations on quarterly process to keep contact data clean and compliant moving forward.

Personas & Audience Segmentation

Our recommendations how to best segment current lists into buyer personas.

Data Quality Dashboard

A visual tool for you to track, analyze, and display KPI metrics related to contact data quality.

Campaign Standardization

Advice or implementation on how to standardize legacy campaigns and set up new campaigns with consistent naming conventions, proper tracking, workflow setup, and reporting.

Month 3

Email Nurture

Kick off 2-3 email nurture campaigns by utilizing the personas and freshly segmented audience lists we help provide. Email nurtures include A/B testing, optimization recommendations, and your team is left with templates and processes to quickly and easily re-use.

Training & Enablement

One shared repository of all our processes, data governance strategy, and one 1-hour team training workshop. “Office Hours” available ad-hoc after training workshops as needed.

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