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Clean Up Your Data.
Sell To The Right People.

Most marketing teams haven't reached the full potential of their automation investment. We help you optimize your tech stack, align marketing efforts with sales outcomes, and showcase a clear correlation between marketing initiatives and revenue generation. 

Demand Generation & Attribution Tracking

Lead & Account Scoring

Email Marketing & Nurture

Email Health Insights / Optimizations

Landing Pages

Forms & Lead Captures

Campaign Planning

Definition of MQL, SAL, SQL

Marketing Attribution Models

Persona Identification & Audience Segmentation



Marketing Automation

Campaign Operations & Standardization

Clean Lists & Databases (see Data Decay)

Data Governance Strategy

Data Privacy & Compliance

Campaign Setup & Standardization

Automate Workflows

UTM Creation

Customer Reports & Dashboards

Behavioral Event Triggers & Reporting

Training Teams & Regular Data Maintenance

Training Marketing & Sales Teams To More Effectively Use Their Automation Tools

Create Repeatable Processes and Templates To Be Quickly Integrated

User Roles

Data Governance Recommendations


Gone are the days of measuring marketing performance on assumptions. Data is the most precious and important asset to determine how marketing campaigns are performing. 

Fast growing companies know they need marketing automation tools in place to track campaign effectiveness and customer activity, but oftentimes the decision to procure a marketing automation software (Pardot, Hubspot, Marketo, etc.) happens quick, in a silo, and leaves marketers with bigger problems: how to properly use it, keep it organized, and ensure regular data hygiene.

MarTecha offers a 90-Day Sprint to help you get the most out of your marketing automation investment.

The Real Cost of Dirty Data:

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