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Our Strategic Partners

MarTecha is equipped with an expert in every corner to get you on your feet in 90 days.


“My goal is to help teams get the most out of their marketing automation investment and leave clients with a clean database, repeatable processes, reports and dashboards set up, and a well-trained marketing team so they can be back on their own feet creating top-notch demand generation campaigns. 


I love that in a 90 day sprint I can leave clients feeling empowered with the power of their own data and automation tools.”

Ali Wittich_Headshot_edited.jpg

Ali Wittich

Founder & CEO

Bryan is a marketing operations specialist with years of dedicated, hands on Hubspot experience. From everyday best practices to complex and custom solutions, he helps organizations elevate the performance and value of their Hubspot instance, in order to drive marketing results.


Bryan D'Andrea

HubSpot Expert

Anna Leary is an experienced marketing operations & technology consultant that specializes in Marketo. As a Marketo Certified Solutions Architect, she focuses on helping SMB to global enterprise companies architect + build scalable centers of excellence in marketing operations through best practice standards in marketing automation + attribution.

anna leary_edited.jpg

Anna Leary

Marketo Expert

Ashton is a student at UC Santa Barbara and applies his technical expertise to MarTecha as a business analyst. He specializes in cleaning, transforming and reshaping data sets using queries and other business intelligence tools. 


Ashton Wong

Business Analyst Intern

Courtney is a multi-year Marketo Champion, has been Certified as an Expert (MCE) and Solutions Architect (MSCA) multiple times, and is also a former Marketo employee. She specializes in platform architecture, email compliance, education, and cross-departmental collaboration. She spends her time helping multiple businesses streamline their collective results and, when necessary, tame their wild databases.

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 5.56.02 PM.png

Courtney McAra

Marketo Expert

Jen is expert at packaging your brand’s voice and tone with strategic, tailored content for compelling, targeted e-mail copy.


Jen Bakos

Copywriting Expert



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